The big kill

A chronicle of an environmental disaster on the River Oder: Images of huge quantities of dead fish – covering all species and sizes – shocked the German, Polish and international public in August 2022. IGB researchers set about tracking down the causes. IGB was the first institution to determine that the disaster was definitely man-made.

"Fatal risk from dammed rivers"

“Those calling for more dams in response to drought and dry riverbeds have nothing understood – they promote habitats with potential for catastrophy,” wrote Christian Wolter in Terra X – Die Wissens-Kolumne.


Outlines | IGB Policy Brief: The future of the River Oder - Research-based recommendations for action in the wake of the man-made environmental disaster

This IGB Policy Brief provides a concise summary of what is known about the causes of the fish kill, and what measures policymakers and authorities should take to restore and preserve the River Oder habitat and its important ecosystem services. 


Wandering with the sturgeon: Along their long journey the migratory fish have to face many natural dangers. Above all, however, the human use endangers the stocks and has led to the fact that our native sturgeons are today almost extinct.

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