Become active

Fischmarkt Fish market | Photo: Pixabay  

Inform yourself about the products which you buy!

Find out which species of fish are threatened, and which you can eat without concern. This includes species whose population size is stable, which are harvested with considerable effort to minimize bycatch of other species, or species which are raised in sustainable fish farms. In your online research, you can use online guidebooks from the WWF and Greenpeace to help you. You should also inform yourself about other products: where do they come from and what are the ecological implications of their production?

Wasserverbrauch Water consumption | Photo: 123rf

Save water!

Water is a precious commodity. Therefore, you should always be conscious of not wasting it. Avoid dripping taps by turning them off properly after use! Only use the washing machine when you have a full load, and only use a small amount of detergent! On the website ‘water footprint network’, you can even calculate your own water footprint and find out how much water was used to produce your food.

Mülltrennung Waste seperation | Photo: Pixabay

Dispose of your rubbish properly!

Rubbish doesn’t belong in the environment! It makes its way to our waterways, where it breaks down only very slowly and where it damages plants and animals. You should therefore make sure to not leave your rubbish lying around. Separating your rubbish is also important, because it means your waste can be re-used again.

Informationsaustausch Become active together | Photo: Pixabay

Raise awareness in your own environment!

Share the information that you have learned about the state of our environment with your friends and family. In this way, you can enthuse many people for the protection of nature.


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